Wedding Flight

Quick Details

The entire process will take 2.5 to 3 hours.

Additional Passenger

Celebrate a Wedding or Engagement in the Air

Imagine getting engaged while you hover one mile above the earth. Time will stand still while you both experience this momentous occasion. The dream team at Asheville Hot Air Balloons has hosted many engagements and weddings and we are prepared to make your special occasion very colorful and festive with decorative ribbons on our baskets.

We offer a variety of weddings to suit the many needs of groups or couples and we can accommodate parties of up to 28 passengers tethered together in three or four balloons for an in-flight wedding.

We have a list of ministers available for your ceremony, and we also highly recommend having your special wedding photographed with Visio Photography. You will have a keepsake of amazing images you and your partner can cherish for a lifetime and we’ll book the photo appointment for you.

Some Ceremonies are performed on the ground with balloons tethered in the background for guests to enjoy. We also can arrange for the couples to have a reception party at The Farm – A Gathering Place.