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Balloon Rides

Quick Details

The entire process will take 2.5 to 3 hours.


Enjoy a sunrise flight!

After all safety checks have been performed and everyone is in the basket, the hot air balloon will gently ascend into the air and float in the direction of the wind. The thrill you will experience as the hot air balloon begins to rise is delightful. You will continue to ascend, and then you experience the pure joy of floating above the earth at an altitude ranging between 500-2000 feet.

Your hot air balloon flight path depends upon wind direction and from maximum altitude, you will enjoy a fantastic ride in the sky, floating in the air in a hot air balloon above the beautiful mountains near the Pisgah National Forest.

Our landscapes change with the seasons. Many options are available to you and include fabulous views during the spring and summer months, as well as the spectacular hot air balloon views of fall foliage during autumn!

Treat yourself to this amazing hot air balloon experience, or purchase a gift certificate and surprise someone!

Have a question? Check out our FAQ.

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